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Heads and Head Assemblies

  • 1,000,000 card passes
  • 1, 2 or 3 tracks

OEM Applied Solutions

MagTek has delivered card reading technology into millions of ATMs, kiosks, access control systems and point-of-sale terminals around the world.
Integrate card reading technology into your product or application. Contact us and see how our technology can fit your needs.
Magtek OEM

Slim Rail

A more compact design for tight spaces not much larger than a credit card. Slim rails are available in lengths of 60mm, 70mm and 90mm
Magtek OEM

Standard Rail

Available in different lengths of 43mm, 60mm, 70mm and 90mm.
Magtek OEM

Custom Rail Design

Custom design solution for your installation needs. Talk to us and get the rail you need.


OEM Card Reader Rail Components

If your installation design requires magnetic card reading then MagTek card reader rail components can facilitate your needs.

MagTek rails can utilise other MagTek OEM products, such as the IntelliHead and ASIC.


  • Variety of head carriers
  • Up to 1,000,000 passes with ISO-conforming cards
  • Small foot print & Excellent environmental resistance
  • Multiple interfaces (RS-232, USB-HID, USB-KB, SPI, Shift-Out)
  • Encrypted data option
  • Multiple rail options (43mm, 60mm, Standard 90mm, Slim 90mm)
  • MagneSafe security options to combat ID theft and card fraud

MagneSafe IntelliHead

Magnetic Read Head

A Encrypting magnetic read head with encapsulated electronics to read, decode, and encrypt card data right in the head. The IntelliHead incorporates the Delta ASIC into the three track read head. All electronics are securely fitted inside the head to prevent tampering and unauthorised access.

Secured head

The MagneSafe IntelliHead exceeds PCI regulations. The head is tamper resistant and all electronics are encapsulated and securely potted inside the head to prevent tampering and unauthorized access. All of the processing power and communication circuitry is located within the mounted authentication sensor.


  • Decode and interface electronics encapsulated inside the read head
  • Superior Read Performance
  • Increased noise immunity
  • Small Footprint & Excellent environmental resistance
  • Encrypted data option
  • Multiple Interfaces
  • MagneSafe security options to combat ID theft and card fraud

Magtek OEM


3 Track, bi-directional reader incorporating ASIC technology built into the head for the best proven performance.
Magtek OEM

Robust Design

Small Footprint & Excellent environmental resistance
Magtek OEM

Read Heads

It reads up to three tracks of data, is bi-directional and meets ANSI, ISO and AAMVA standards.
Magtek OEM

Fully Integrated

Low cost, Low power & high performance with Automatic Gain Control high noise immunity and on-board memory.
Magtek OEM

Compact Design

4mm x 5mm 14 pin MLF surface mount package
Magtek OEM

ASIC Reel or Tubes

Comes in tubes of 75 or tape reels of 4000.

Delta ASIC

The Delta ASIC is a high performance, low cost fully integrated magnetic stripe decoder chip. The ASIC offers many advantages over the conventional less integrated reading solutions.

The triple track Delta ASIC provides a "Shift-Out" protocol for extracting data that significantly simplifies the card-reader to micro-controller interface.


  • Low cost for single, dual or triple track readers
  • Compact design - 4mm x 5mm 14 pin MLF surface mount package
  • Minimal external components - only a decoupling capacitor is required
  • Data buffer with shift out - allows full card data to be locally stored on ASIC.
  • High noise immunity
  • Low Power - Low voltage operation, low operating current, ultra low sleep current
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) - reads cards from 30% - 200% of ISO 7811 amplitude standard