Magstripe Card Readers




Economical and compact, this swipe card reader needs no external power (except TTLs) to be operated with multiple track configurations.

The Mini Magnetic Card Swipe reader family can read ISO and AAMVA card formats.

The readers are available in various interface options.

These readers are only slightly longer than a credit card and can be mounted either with the self-mounting adhesive strips or by using the embedded threaded mounting hardware.

Full Size
Easy to interface with PC or terminal with up to three tracks of data from magstripe in the extended path to ensure accurate reads.

For those installations with plenty of room, the full-size reader offers a more convenient swipe path for all types of card reading applications. Cards can be swiped in both forward and reverse directions. The full-size reader is offered with either the standard RS-232 interface or the traditional keyboard wedge interface.



A 3-track magstripe reader with TWO magnetic heads designed to reduce confusion at the Point of Sale.

The SureSwipe Reader is available with a USB interface in either HID or a Keyboard Emulation mode and it can be reconfigured in the field.

The SureSwipe reader captures 3 tracks of data from all ISO and AAMVA encoded magnetic stripe cards.

A green/red LED indicator on the reader provides the operator with status of the reader operations.