About Us

MagTek (NZ) is a wholly New Zealand owned company.

We've been providing secure enterprise-level technology solutions in NZ for nearly 20 years.

MagTek NZ, a wholly NZ owned and operated company specialising Magnetic and Chip technology solutions, was first started by Ron and Susie DeDera in April 1991. MagTek incorporated of the United States pioneered many of the magnetic reading and writing techniques used today. The true industry leader in it's field today.

MagTek NZ supplies:

  • Magnetic / Chip Recording & Reading Technology
  • PIN Security - Encryption & Decryption
  • Secure Card Issuace
  • Transaction Security - MagnePrint
  • MICR Reading and Image Scanning
  • Hardware & Software Connectivity Solutions
    - POS
    - ATM
    - Web-based transactions
    - Branch Platform and Teller Automation

The MagTek NZ team is factory trained and authorised, and supplies and supports technology solutions to many NZ enterprises, including all major NZ Banks and Financial Institutions. The company works closely with NZ Government Departments and many NZ electronics engineering manufacturers. "Quality Always" is MagTek NZ's commitment to our clients.

  • CEO: Ron DeDera
  • Director/HR: Susie DeDera
  • Product & Services Technologist: Brendon Fraei
  • Accounts & Admin Manager: Sally Roberts